TEMPLE DETAILS: Ithikkat Kaleeswari temple


Ithikkat Kaleeswari temple

Description: This family run temple has been around for thousands of years and worships the Goddess in the form of Kaleeswari. Legend has it that the Goddess accompanied Cheraman Perumal on his way to Mecca and when the ship crashed enroute, her idol washed ashore near Talikulam beach at Nambikadavu. Muthappan and Muthiyamma, the ancestors of the Ithikkat family went and invited her to come with them. She accepted and decided that this would be her seat. She is accompanied by the bhoothagana, Parakutty chathan, Vishnumaya, and the pair of Muthappan and Muthiyamma. The temple was renovated in 1989 and stands testament to time with the testimony of many locals. The temple can be found by taking the Snehatheeram Beach road from the Tslikulam Centre. Ritualistic worships are conducted on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Address: Kaithakkal, Talikulam, Thrissur

City: Thrissur

State: Kerala

Country: INDIA

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